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New Builds Donegal Introduction

Do you have a new build on the horizon? We can help in these exciting times. Our qualified and experienced team of Donegal builders have all the required skills to craft your dream build. Rest assured that once costing is established, we will deliver the project on budget and on time. Interested to see how our latest projects have turned out? Skip to the gallery at the bottom.

The New Build Process

From concept to creation, we will helpfully guide you through the process of your new build project. How does the process work? There is an initial consultation on planning, cost, layout, building and renewable energies

After the initial conversation, a qualified Quantity Surveyor provides accurate budgets and quotations. Next, our partner Architect in Letterkenny finalises the design, and we begin building. Throughout the project, we are always on hand with expertise, right until the final handover of your new build. The infographic below explains the process in six simple steps.



Project Costings

We discuss how much your project will cost and explain the various options available to meet your budget requirements. A nominal fee will be applied for this service, but will be fully refunded if you choose to pursue the project. All our clients have the peace of mind that estimates for each project are compiled by an independent Quantity Surveyor.

You can feel in control and understood with our clear and fair contract process. Each individual component will be itemised to ensure that the costing process is fully transparent.

Solutions Driven Builders

There may be instances when encountering issues in the design or build stages of a project. At Galbraith Construction, we find the building solutions for your project, so you don’t have to. We are always on hand to provide sound advice throughout the process. Offering tips on the best products to suit our your plans and budget is all part of what we do.

Why not talk to us about construction regulations, building best practices and green energy technology tips?