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Renovations Donegal Introduction

Do you have a room to improve? Maybe you are looking to expand your home? Whatever your renovation needs, we can help. Our team are experienced in delivering highly efficient extensions, conservatories, retrofits and renovations. We aim to achieve low running costs for clients when taking on a renovation project. Would you like to see our recent projects? Skip to the gallery at the bottom.

The Renovations Process

From concept to creation, we will helpfully guide you through the process of your renovation project. The process begins with an initial consultation on planning, cost, layout, building and renewable energies

On renovation projects which are exempt from planning permission, we have the support of our partner architects. If required, we can arrange for costing to be completed by an independent and qualified Quantity Surveyor. We guarantee professionalism and expertise from the first consultation, to handing over your finished project. The infographic below explains our process in six simple steps.


Project Costings

We discuss how much your project will cost and explain the various options available to meet your budgetary needs. A nominal fee will be applied for this service, but will be fully refunded if you choose to pursue the project. 

You can feel in control and understood with our clear and fair contract process. Each individual component will be itemised to ensure that the costing process is fully transparent.

Why not talk to us about construction regulations, renovation best practices and tips on green energy technologies?